Seek out a Great Big Adventure

Situated halfway between the NSW coast and the start of the NSW Outback is a region characterised by vast open spaces, ancient volcanic mountains, and big adventure. Welcome to the Great Western Plains. Filling the central region of the state, the Great Western Plains strikes the perfect balance between blissful relaxation and heart pumping adrenaline.

Exploring the great outdoors is easy with three sensational national parks at your doorstep, namely Warrumbungle National Park, Coolah Tops and The Pilliga. Paddle the picturesque rivers, glide the skies, hike through the rugged wilderness, and explore the plains by car, bike, cart or trike. The region’s blossoming food and wine scene is also a pleasure to discover, with numerous unique gourmet experiences dotting this beautiful landscape. Add in the exciting range of galleries and antique stores, and the reasons to visit this accessible and intriguing region truly are endless.

Great Big Adventures